What’s Next for the Franchise?

We already know that Army of the Dead is getting a prequel soon. It’s called Army of Thieves and centers around Dieter‘s exploits in Germany, with some mentions of the outbreak in Las Vegas. The movie has already been shot and is in post-production. It should be streaming later in 2021.

We also know about Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, the anime series, which apparently chronicles the events of the early outbreak in Las Vegas.

Now we are hearing about Zach Snyder’s ideas for the next film, as well as rumors of a plethora of sequels and spin-offs.

According to insider Daniel Richtman’s Patreon posts, Netflix could be planning 10 sequels and spin-offs to the 2021 streaming hit “Army of the Dead.”

And Zach Snyder seems to already know what he wants from an Army of the Dead 2. He told Polygon “Shay [Hatten, co-writer] and I know exactly what happens next, and it’s insane.”

“I’d make it in a second. What we have planned is too crazy. Once we knew Vanderohe was bit, and he’s going to Mexico City, I was like, ‘You know what’s gonna happen?’ And then I just went on a tear. And by the time it ended, Shay was like, ‘OK.’”