Played by Richard Cetrone

Character Bio:

Zeus is the leader of the zombie horde.

He was evidently part of some experiments with aliens at Area 51 and broke out of his container during a vehicular collision with newlyweds.

He wanders into the Las Vegas Strip where he starts the zombie outbreak. He finds The Olympus hotel & casino and makes it his home. His takes his name from the Zeus statue in front. However, he is never called Zeus in the movie.

According to Deborah Snyder (producer), Zeus’ bite causes his victims to become alpha zombies, but no one else has this power. Every other zombie’s bite simply leads to more shamblers.

When the team enters the Las Vegas Strip 6 years later, Zeus is seen riding a zombie horse and also carrying a head on a pike.


Zeus wears a kind of cape with a cross-body strap. He wears black military pants, tactical belt, black boots, and dog tags. He sometimes wears a rough-looking metal mask.

Cosplay Tips

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