AOTD 2021

Trailer Breakdown

Check out our very first video on our new channel: AOTD21!

Some of the stuff I go over (and additional thoughts):

Lucky Boy diner where Scott Ward is working is a diner in Albuquerque, NM.

Scott Ward is holding a Presidential Medal of Freedom in a shadow box with broken glass. It is known that Scott is a zombie war hero, having saved a lot of lives during the outbreak. He was forced out of Las Vegas due to the outbreak. Despite his heroism, he ends up a burger-flipper.

Bly Tanaka offers Scott $50 million to go into the zombie-infested Las Vegas Strip and get his $200 million out of the vault. Scott sees this as his chance to use his training to actually make a better life for himself (and reconcile with his daughter Kate).

The casino interior shown is the Showboat hotel and convention center (formerly Showboat Casino) in Atlantic City, NJ. The shuttered Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City was also used as a location (is this why we see The Olympus Casino so prominently in the trailer?).

The blueprint for the vault uses the name Götterdämmerung, which is the Scandinavian battle at the end of the world (aka Ragnarok). It’s also the name of an opera by Wagner. Appropriate much?

Bly briefs the team on the details of the operation in a hanger at the Albuquerque railyards.

The team enters the Strip, which is surrounded by a wall of stacked shipping containers.

For reasons unknown, the military is rolling into town as well, bombing the Strip with A-10 Warthogs and shelling it with tanks (or maybe these are scenes from the original zombie war?). We know the team only has 32 hours to complete their mission, as the US President has announced he will be nuking Las Vegas for the Fourth of July.

Ludwig Dieter is the team’s expert safe cracker. He is a German national and is the star of the Army of The Dead prequel: Army of Thieves.

We are introduced to a new type of zombie – alpha zombies that can run, plan and direct other zombies. The leader of the zombies is a jacked dude named Zeus (this is why I think The Olympus Casino features heavily in the film). There’s even a zombie tiger (which the CGI team based on that bitch Carole Baskin’s tiger).

We see a couple tiny shots of characters Burt Cummings and Geeta, whom we haven’t seen up until this trailer.

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