Bly Tanaka

Played by Hiroyuki Sanada

Character Bio:

Bly Tanaka & Martin being chauffeured in the Rolls Royce.

The owner of Bly’s Casino in Las Vegas. Bly Tanaka finds Scott Ward and hires him to perform a heist of his casino on the zombie-infested Las Vegas Strip.

His name may have been Hunter Bly in a previous draft of the script.


In the Lucky Boy restaurant scene, Bly Tanaka wears a blue linen 2-piece suit with a baby blue shirt & a checkered light blue handkerchief.

His sunglasses are Prada PR 510 S GAS301.

In the warehouse presentation scene, Bly Tanaka wears a gray linen pinstriped 3-piece suit with light-colored boat shoes. The vest is double-breasted. White patterned dress shirt and dark handkerchief.

Cosplay Tips

  • You can’t go wrong if you just dress up in a suit. If you don’t have a good suit, you could try to find a linen suit at a thrift shop, as well as a dress shirt, handkerchief and sunglasses.