Lily The Coyote

Played by Nora Arnezeder

Nora Arnezeder as Lily the Coyote in Army of the Dead (2021).

Character Bio:

Lily is a “bad ass warrior” who is a refugee at the McCarran refugee camp (run by the Las Vegas Quarantine Center). She is known as a person who is skilled at getting into the walled city and has an intimate knowledge of the zombies who live there. She takes money to get people into the walled city. She recruits Burt Cummings on the team’s heist mission.

It’s unclear if her name is spelled “Lilly” (as in the film’s credits) or “Lily” as it’s been spelled in various promotional materials & articles.

Nora Arnezeder also created her own backstory for this character. In an interview with ScreenRant, she said this:

That’s something that I created for myself. That’s something that you do as an actor: you create a background character. I can tell you my little secrets, if you want.

She’s doing everything for her daughter. She has a daughter. Yeah, it’s a big revelation.

In order to build a strong character, I always look at the big picture and the bigger objective. I think doing it for the money is not as strong, but doing it for someone that’s so dear to your heart brings so many layers to the character. It makes it deep.

She’s a bit of an antihero in a way as well. It’s also interesting to build a character that’s not perfect. Because who’s perfect? No one. So, I don’t really believe in the hero who’s got to save the world. No, Lily is an antihero who works in the refugee camp. The mercenaries call her so she could help them get back into the zombie stronghold. She’s very crafty. She’s very strong. She knows how to deal with weapons.

On paper, she’s kind of like a badass. But there’s something deeper than that.


Shirt: “The Exploited” t-shirt with sleeves cut off.

Pants: Black distressed stretch jeans. Leather belt with 2 prongs and square grommet belt holes ♦️

Boots: Well-worn Altama 7852 black combat boots decorated with black leather straps



M4 CQBR rifle, also known as an Mk 18 Mod 0.

Glock 17 (taken from Burt Cummings)

Cosplay Tips

Buy an airsoft M4 CQBR (may not come with carrying handle)

Buy an airsoft Glock 17