Maria Cruz

Played by Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera as Cruz in Army of the Dead (2021). Note: This appears to be an early promotional shot. In the movie, her holster is black and she doesn’t wear elbow nor knee pads.

Character Bio:

Cruz is an expert mechanic and fought against the initial zombie outbreak with Scott Ward.

Cruz wearing her Rotopax pack


Top: Foliage green tank top.

Pants: Cargo pants in coyote.

Boots: Palladium boots in black.

Chest Rig: Blue Force Gear RACKminus chest rig in multicam. The shoulder straps were likely moved farther apart to accommodate her bust. Three HSGI Taco rifle mag pouches on front. The right-hand pouch has a “Las Vengeance” patch at the bottom.


  • On her left leg is a G-Code GCA76-DLS drop-leg platform in coyote with black holster.
  • Tactical belt with D-ring in olive drab, with triple pistol pouch & rifle mag pouch in multicam
  • Custom leather bracers
  • Fingerless gloves in black fabric or suede
  • Assault Mod Tactical Throat Mic
  • Necklaces: one beaded collar necklace and one longer necklace with an old-fashioned key on it
  • Earrings
  • Black aviator sunglasses


Heckler & Koch 416C with EOTech EXPS3 holographic weapon sight and PEQ-15 target pointer.

Cosplay Tips

The Cruz look can be easy to achieve if you find gear in the right colors.

Boots: Palladium-style canvas boots can be cheap and easy to find. They are also known as French or Israeli combat boots.

Rifle: You can buy an airsoft version of her HK 416C rifle.