Mikey Guzman

Played by Raúl Castillo

Raul Castillo as Mikey Guzman in Army of the Dead (2021)

Character Bio:

Mikey Guzman is described as a “go-for-broke” influencer by Express UK. He is seen shooting zombies in a viral internet video before the team decides to invite him on their heist mission.

Guzman episodes that never made it to the final cut!


Shirt: H&M snakeskin t-shirt with the sleeves folded up. This snakeskin pattern is an older pattern, not to be confused with H&M’s newer, larger snakeskin pattern t-shirt.

Pants: Black stretch jeans with zippers ♦️

Boots: Black lace-up boots ♦️

Chest Rig: Possibly a basic Condor Gen.4 Tactical MOLLE OPS chest rig in black, with Condor triple Kangaroo mag pouch set in olive. Condor frag grenade pouch in coyote. Black pouches attached to the shoulder strap? A “C/S” patch on right shoulder pouch. ♦️


  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Gold bullet necklace


AK-74u with a gold-plated dust cover

Cosplay Tips

Mikey Guzman carrying his Rotopax containers.

Buy an airsoft AK-74u. Spray paint the dust cover gold.