Kate Ward

Played by Ella Purnell

Ella Purnell as Kate Ward in Army of the Dead (2021)

Character Bio:

Kate Ward in the first outfit we see her in as a volunteer.

Kate Ward is Scott Ward‘s estranged daughter and is a volunteer at the Las Vegas Quarantine Center’s McCarran refugee camp, which is detaining Las Vegas residents who got caught in the quarantine zone.

Kate Ward joins the team in order to help find Geeta, a mother who’s gone missing inside after the Coyote helps her get in.


Shirt: White muscle tank that reads “Las Vegas Quarantine Center Volunteers.” Burnt orange tank top underneath.

Pants: Navy blue utility pants fastened by a narrow Western-style belt. Some woven tassels clipped to a belt loop. ♦️

Footwear: Brown boots with heather socks. ♦️


  • On her right leg is a G-Code GCA76-DLS drop-leg platform in black, with black holster
  • Cobra buckle D-ring belt in olive drab, with pistol magazine pouches on left side
  • Necklaces: small chain and multi-colored bead
  • Bracelets
  • A blue lanyard with a LV-QC credential

Cosplay Tips

Until we identify the exact pants, try these Dickies pants in rinsed navy blue.