Scott Ward

Played by Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista as Scott Ward in Army of the Dead (2021)

Character Bio:

A former zombie warrior and current diner cook, Scott Ward assembles a ragtag team of mercenaries to go back into the walled-off, zombie-infested city of Las Vegas in order to grab the cash abandoned in the vault of Bly’s Casino.

Wife: Laura Ward (played by Colby Lemmo)

Daughter: Kate Ward (Ella Purnell)


Scott Ward is decked out in tactical gear.

Shirt: Men’s Condor Trident Battle Top in graphite.

Pants: Arc’teryx LEAF Assault pant AR in coyote.

Chest Rig: 5.11 Tactec plate carrier in Ranger Green. There are four open-top M4 mag pouches attached the front, along with 2 patches: a coyote US flag (upside down) and a “Las Vengeance” patch. Camelbak-equipped.

Boots: Coyote combat boots. Possibly Oakley or Nike brand.



Long Rifle: Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle with picatinny rails, laser sight (AN/PEQ-15), flashlight (SureFire) & scope (Trijicon 4×32 ACOG). Haley Strategic Partners D3 Sling in coyote.

Pistol: Sig Sauer P226 with aftermarket grips.

Cosplay Tips

If you’re trying to recreate this look on the cheap, try these items:

Plate Carrier

Rifle: You can buy an airsoft M4 rifle for a very similar look